About Us

We Deliver Quality. We Maximize Customers’ Satisfaction. We Ensure Sustainable Growth.

PT TRINITI DINAMIK is a real estate and property developer company in Indonesia. Since her establishment in 2014, two major projects which are Springwood residence with 1,400 units and THE SMITH Office, SOHO, Residential with 652 units have been developed.

One of the strengths of Trinti Dinamik is the fast speed selling capability. Springwood residence for instant, with the total of 1,400 units was sold out in 6 months whilst since its first launching, the SMITH has been sold nearly 80%.

Being part of Triniti Land who also developed Brooklyn, Yukata and Collins, the total value of all the projects today amounted nearly US$1 billion.

Serious commiment of the management team to deliver premium quality of the buildings and condos has played a very important role. Being ISO 9001 certified, proper quality system and corporate good governance have been implemented strictly. Majority of the existing loyal customers remain satisfied with what have been delivered.

Strong team work, continuous improvement in human resources, proper implementation of corporate system, transparancy in financial statement, accountability to the government, bringing positive impact to the society, and conservative risk management have laid a strong foundation for the company’s growth today and many more years to come.

Our Vision

To Be One Of The Best Property Developer In Indonesia

Our Mission

  1. Maximize customers’ satisfaction.
  2. Boost companys’ value (tangible and intangible assets).
  3. Create synergy within all departments to gain highest productivity.
  4. Continuously improve human resources by recruiting, training, developing, and maintaining qualified professionals.
  5. Bring positive impacts to the society.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Mutual Benefit
  • pleasant Working Environment
  • Sustainable Growth